Our planned delivery of PRIME drink has been cancelled.

We were initially given timelines of late July, which were then pushed back to August, and then September to coincide with UK production (by Refresco) but are now being told it will be "2023". Prime brand have put all efforts into producing for their contract with ASDA in the UK (and soon Aldi)

We are sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience caused to our customers. Whilst it really does not make any sense to us at all, our advice would be at this moment in time to reach out to your local ASDA to try and secure product there. It is a ridiculous situation and this will open opportunities for scalpers and inflated prices being offered but Prime seem happy for this to happen - not a game we will be involved in directly at SweetPunkz.

We will continue to look for opportunities to stock Prime Hydration and if the message changes we will notify customers in our newsletter first before social media pages.





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