Got a question about SweetPunkz and our delicious sweets? You might find an answer below. If not feel free to contact us at info@sweetpunkz.com and we will get back to you.
How will my SweetPunkz order arrive?

Your order will be delivered in a mailing bag or box depending on order size, Punkz Mix Bags are heat sealed before delivery making them tamper proof & it also keeps them fresh and delicious!

Can I choose what sweets are in my mix?

It wouldn’t be a Pick N Mix without the chance to pick and choose your favourites. Jump into our Punkz Bag Pick Mix section to create your own awesome bag of goodies!

I have an allergy but would love to try some sweets, do you have options for me?

The short answer is ‘Absolutely!’. We have sections for Vegetarians, Vegans and anyone with gluten and dairy intolerances. We work hard to provide plentiful options across the site for all and should have something tasty for your needs. However, all products are stored in the same premise and while we take serious steps to prevent cross-contamination of any allergen, we ask you to be aware of your allergen level and those with severe allergic responses would be best placed not to purchase with us. Your health comes first <3

Natasha's Law 1st Oct 2021 does not apply to Distance Selling sold produce. Our FULL ingredients & allergen list can be found on our website. We advise all customers to check in with this list prior to ordering.

How are your sweets stored?

Our sweets are always stored in air tight containers and kept in specified dietary racking to help with our Food Safety management !


How long will my sweets stay fresh after opened?

For the sweets we recommend eating them within a month if unsealed/opened, our pouches are sealed and will last 6 months from the date of ship but we recommend 3 months for freshness.

If loose sweets from our pick and mix are placed inside a container then we would recommend 3 months again.

All non Pick N Mix items come with manufacturer stated Best before / use by dates as part of their packaging, please refer to this upon arrival. We do not sell out-dated produce unless posted as otherwise (BBD..Best Before Dated)


UK & International Shipping?

We are based in the UK and currently only provide shipping options domestically to UK mainland and Northern Ireland. We are continuously working to improve our delivery service options and hope to include.


How much is delivery?
Please visit our Delivery Information Page for all delivery info (fees, timeframes, cutoffs, holidays etc) This can be visited by clicking here


Can I Click & Collect / Pickup?

Not currently, apologies.


Do you do bulk orders for parties, events or weddings?

We do! Please contact us directly at info@sweetpunkz.com and we will provide a hassle free quote for what you are looking for!