Freeze Dried Cookie Dough Salt Water Taffy (6pcs)

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Freeze Dried Cookie Dough Salt Water Taffy (6pcs) - Product Information

The crunch! The melt! The intense cookie dough-ness! We cannot get enough of these salt water taffy candies once freeze dried. They are out of this world mind contorting cray cray. Pssst no salt water is actually used. Eating these is like eating ice cream without the cold-insane insane taste and texture! All our salt water taffy is suitable for vegetarians. Munch & crunch to your hearts content with these 6 piece bags!
Freeze drying works by freezing the candy, lowering the pressure, and then removing the ice by sublimation. This process works by transforming matter from a solid into a gas without the freeze dried product ever becoming a liquid, allowing you to get something you freeze dry moisture-free. Freeze Dried Foam banana & shrimps bring the great classic Pick & Mix sweets flavours in a light, crunchy eating experience! You have to try it for yourself.

6 pieces in every bag

*due to the fragile nature of this product, you may find some candy/snacks tend to break/snap/crumble slighlty pre/during transit - however SweetPunkz takes every precaution to secure all products we ship* - Broken products are still edible and we will not take liability for any freeze dried candy produce that arrives slightly broken and/or crumbled.


For allergens please see ingredients listed in bold.

Not suitable for vegetarians.